Full Paper: On Character Analysis and Cognitive Narratology: Why you cried at the end of The Last of Us

Here is the Cognitive Narratology in Video Games paper accompanying the previously released poster on Cognitive Narratology and the narrative masterpiece The Last of Us.

I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing.

Looking forward to read your thoughts on this paper!

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On Character Analysis and Cognitive Narratology: Why You Cried at the End of “The Last of Us” Research Poster

Dear Reader,

the first paper for this quarter is going to be on the video game The Last of Us. The paper provides an introduction to cognitive narratology and character analyses of the two main characters. For the analysis, Conceptual Integration Network is used.

This Poster provides you with an overview of the topics that the paper deals with. Please note, several changes occured during a more extensive research. Nonetheless, the thesis remained unchanged.

The full paper is going to uploaded by the end of the March!