Welcome to PCLG!

Dear Readers,

welcome to Popular Culture, Literature & Games, a creative space which focuses on academic research in these three areas.

This page represents my personal areas of specialization and at the same time, it should offer you interesting insights, give you ideas, and provide a ground for discussion where all readers can enage in.

The idea is to quarterly upload a paper on one of these topics (or more). Some of the phenomena being discussed here will be popular culture phenomena, such as Wonder Woman starting with DC Comics’ The New 52 interpretation. The older version of the character will not be ignored but the main focus is on present day phenomena.

Another vital area of research is literature that serves as a link between pop-culture and digital storytelling. As you will see, the papers are written from the perspective of a literature student and will offer a comparative approach to many topics.

One of personal main areas of interest are narrative structures in video games. Therefore, you can expect at least one paper on video games and literature. First paper on this topic will be published in April.

Looking forward to read your thoughts on my ideas!

Take care & read on,